Many times CX practitioners focus on intangible, esoteric analysis of customer sentiment that fail to correlate with company numbers or shareholder expectations. 

They take a "holistic approach" that seems right, from a biased perspective, without truly knowing if focusing on those aspects of the experience actually drives customers' decisions to buy or not. And this is a mistake. 

While the influx of interest in customer experience has been wildly successful in creating customer-centric businesses, customer-centricity should not be at the detriment of your bottom line. A truly successful CX program hinges on the profitability of your initiatives.

In this ePaper, we'll dive into:

  • The difference between satisfied customers and loyal customers
  • The problem with relying on vague and intangible metrics
  • Tactics that ensure your CX program is both beneficial for you and the customer 
  • How profitable CX outcomes lead to corporate buy-in

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