Traditional organizational structure places customer experience (CX) and brand operating in separate silos. CX often falls under operations and brand is almost always seen as a marketing function. In most cases, this means branding and marketing get all the glory…and the budget that goes with it. 

CX practitioners often work on a shoestring budget and operate with much smaller teams. They don’t always have a seat at “the table”. However, isn’t the customers’ experience with a company part of, if not everything, that a brand is? 
The key to optimizing your customer experience is creating consistent strategies across departments. CX + Branding: Why Experience Isn't a One Department Job uncovers:

  • How branding fits into the overall customer experience
  • Setting up and delivering on customer expectations
  • Examples of companies that lead the pack on delivering their brand promise
  • The right technology to dialogue with your customers and understand their ever-changing expectations



James is a 25 year veteran of consumer and customer insight. Canadian by birth, he has worked all across the globe for some of the biggest names in research consultancy including Millward Brown, TNS, GfK and Kantar.  He has focused on helping his clients gain competitive advantage through understanding human behavior and how to best align corporate resources to accomplish business goals. His passion in recent years has been the intersection of brand and customer experience measurement and management.  In addition, he has been pursuing how the industry can innovate by leveraging new technologies like AI and machine learning.



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